Sunday, 27 July 2014


I prefer drawing to talking.

Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies.

~Le Corbusier 



Paris is always a good idea

the view from eiffel tower
collage of our weird looking photos
the view from montmartre and the church


Indeed it has been quite a while since we've been in Paris, but I remembered only now that we still have this blog. I just want to apologize that we don't post a lot of articles on here, actually I'm sorry I don't post a lot, because like I said before it's like the other two don't exist haha. We're going to try to post more stuff, I promise, but now lets get back to Paris.
From the first moment I decided to go to our town high school everyone was talking about this project weeks, which are hapenning on the end of every school year. Every time someone mentioned them my eyes started sparkling and I started smiling immediately. And in the moment I saw that Paris was on the list of project weeks, I was sold. There was not a chance any of my friends will convince me to go anywhere else. 
So as I said, I signed up for project week Paris Je t'aime/ Medieval Paris and started counting down days until the big day, which was 13th of June 2014. It was also the day Živa turned sixteen, so it couldn't get any better. 
The only bad side was our BUS. We were travelling by bus and at first it seemed just fine. But 16 hours is a looooong time. I do admit we slept probably like 5 hours when we were going to Paris, a totally different story was going back. I do not remember a lot because I slept most of the time. I was tired and I felt like I broke a lot of my bones by sleeping on the bus and I was maybe even a little bit sorry I decided to go to Paris (of course I'm not sorry anymore). Though, I did learn to play a part of Redemtion song on my friends guitar, so that's a good thing.
But lets go back to being in Paris. It was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. It was magical and fun and so awesome. I saw so many things and I fell in love with Paris for sure. I loved the art and new parts of Paris, where I saw a bunch of amazing and talented people. I really wish I could be like them in future. Maybe I could even move there and study art, or something. Who knows. I obviously loved the Eiffel tower and Champs Elysees (I'm sorry but I don't have any pictures from the longest avenue on the world - probably because I was so busy with shopping). And I adore Montmartre - all these small alleys full of people and little shops. I definetely had a lot of fun there with my friends and my legs were hurting a lot after walking those stairs probably five times. 
We also saw a bunch of churches and they were really beautiful, but I must admit I got bored after seeing the third or fourth one. I did like the one with blue ceiling but I accidentally deleted pictures of it, so now I'm really sad, because I can't show it to you.
If we end the talk about churches now ... We stayed in St. Christopher's Gare du Nord Hostel, which was beautiful and not at all looking like a hostel. It's quite new and I think it's one of the best in Paris. It was great staying there. They had awesome breakfasts and the hostel was simply beautiful. I also saw a lot of backpackers, who made me think maybe I would like to travel like that someday. Probably when I and my friends turn 18 or something. We could go backpacking all over Europe, it would be a great adventure don't you think? Maybe we could go to Paris again and relive all the great moments.
So over all I enjoyed  the trip, if we leave out the drive home which was really painfull. I finally saw Paris and it was definetely better than I imagined it will be. I had great time with my friends and I'm happy that I didn't choose any other project week.


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Spring break

Oiii everyone!

It's me again and I'm really sorry I haven't post anything for a while (I'm not even going to start with other two owners of this blog haha).
So it has been a while and my last post was about my trip to our capital city. In fact this one will also be a post about my trip or actually vacation. Me and my family decided (with this I mean my parents decided) to go to the seaside for my spring break. I was really happy of course, because I totally wasn't planning to have loads of fun with my friends, which I had to cancel now.

We were vacationing in Pula (Croatia) and it was actually pretty nice to spend some time away from all the drama at home. Of course I was kind of sad, because I didn't see my friends for 5 days and I had to miss a big party that is happening every year at this time. But anyway I just chilled by the pool and then got not so great sunburns, which are still killing me. Beside that, I watched one of my favourite series 90210 and on Thursday we went to the arena of Pula, which was very interesting and I had fun. It was just like I were in Rome and this was great of course. Although most of stuff were awesome, there were bad sides on my vacation too. For instance I cought a really big cold a weekend before we left and I thought I'm going to die while we were driving and we met loads of people, who we know or live in the same city as we do - and that was absolutly not what I wanted to happen. If I leave my town, I do not want to meet anyone I know, besides maybe my friends.