Sunday, 4 May 2014

Spring break

Oiii everyone!

It's me again and I'm really sorry I haven't post anything for a while (I'm not even going to start with other two owners of this blog haha).
So it has been a while and my last post was about my trip to our capital city. In fact this one will also be a post about my trip or actually vacation. Me and my family decided (with this I mean my parents decided) to go to the seaside for my spring break. I was really happy of course, because I totally wasn't planning to have loads of fun with my friends, which I had to cancel now.

We were vacationing in Pula (Croatia) and it was actually pretty nice to spend some time away from all the drama at home. Of course I was kind of sad, because I didn't see my friends for 5 days and I had to miss a big party that is happening every year at this time. But anyway I just chilled by the pool and then got not so great sunburns, which are still killing me. Beside that, I watched one of my favourite series 90210 and on Thursday we went to the arena of Pula, which was very interesting and I had fun. It was just like I were in Rome and this was great of course. Although most of stuff were awesome, there were bad sides on my vacation too. For instance I cought a really big cold a weekend before we left and I thought I'm going to die while we were driving and we met loads of people, who we know or live in the same city as we do - and that was absolutly not what I wanted to happen. If I leave my town, I do not want to meet anyone I know, besides maybe my friends.